or more than thirty years, Gilardi has been solely dedicated to legal administrations and ensuring that due process and the needs of claimants and clients are satisfied. Through this period, we have been the industry leader in all services related to legal administrations. We have served as the claims administrator for cases led by most of the prominent firms in the United States and Canada, with settlements ranging from less than one million to more than seven billion dollars. Our complex litigation experience includes every type of action, from securities mega cases to multi-state consumer class actions and antitrust matters, and cases involving millions of class members and billions of dollars, as well as numerous cases consolidated under multidistrict litigation rules or pending in multiple jurisdictions, including multiple countries. We understand that complexity is more than just a matter of size and in all instances stand committed to complete transparency, accountability and independence.

Our team is experienced and multi-disciplined, with professionals from the legal, financial, accounting and advertising fields. We reject cookie cutter solutions and tailor each administration plan to the unique case before us. Our approach is detail oriented and goal-driven and we rely on unmatched technology, flexibility and expertise to ensure that our solutions are market-leading and cost-efficient. Our results are as proven as our methods. We offer a complete suite of services and solutions to manage legal settlements and claims administrations. We also offer a better way.

Our expertise includes:

  • Antitrust
  • Data Analysis
  • Financial and Consumer
  • Government
  • Labor and Employment
  • Legal Notice
  • Securities