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The following is a partial list of matters being administered by Gilardi & Co. LLC. Cases with filing/exclusion deadlines that have passed are removed from this page and placed in the All Cases page. If you do not find the case you are looking for in the following list please use the search feature on this site. If your case is on this page, please click on the appropriate title to obtain the relevant documentation you desire.

  99CENTS 2012  
  AACC Shareholder Litigation  
  Accretive Health  
  Actividentity Corporation  
  Adams v. AllianceOne Settlement  
  Advance America Kucan  
  Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.  
  Ambassadors Group, Inc.  
  American Idol Challenge  
  AppleIllinois (Driver v)  
  Arbitron, Inc.  
  Arch Chemicals, Inc  
  ArcSight, Inc.  
  Ardea Biosciences, Inc.  
  Argentina Bonds Due July 20, 2004  
  ASSET Asset Acceptance  
  Automobile Antitrust Cases I and II  
  Bailey v. Haffar & Associates  
  BancorpSouth Inc.  
  Bank of America Credit Protection  
  Barnes v. District of Columbia  
  Bayer Combination Aspirin  
  Bed Bath & Beyond Settlement Website  
  Beverly Enterprises ERISA  
  BigBand Networks, Inc.  
  Blackstone Group L.P.  
  BMW of North America (Nguyen v.)  
  Bottling Group LLC (Jefferson v.)  
  Bronaugh v. Gala Corporation Settlement Website  
  Bulisco v. Mosaic Sales Solutions  
  Burger King Holdings  
  Cadence Design Systems, Inc.  
  California Correctional Employees Wage & Hour Case  
  California Micro Devices  
  Canadian Superior Energy, Inc.  
  Cathode Ray Tube Antitrust Litigation  
  CCSF v Money Mart  
  Chaikin v. lululemon Song-Beverly Settlement  
  Chase (Milgram v.)  
  Chase Bank USA (Abat v.)  
  China Fire & Security Group  
  China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc.  
  China Transinfo Technology Corp.  
  Chordiant Software, Inc.  
  Ciber Securities Litigation Settlement  
  CIT Group, Inc.  
  Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust  
  Clark v. Federal Express Corp.  
  Clinical Data Inc  
  Connor v JPMorgan Chase Settlement  
  Constar International, Inc.  
  Constar International, Inc. (2)  
  Constellation Energy Group, Inc.  
  Corus Bankshares, Inc.  
  Costa v. Kerzner International Resorts, Inc.  
  Coventry Healthcare, Inc.  
  CyberSource Corporation  
  Cypress Bioscience, Inc.  
  Deal or No Deal Settlement  
  Deleon v Admiral Security Services  
  Department of Justice v Ad Surf Daily  
  Deutsche Alt-A Securities, Inc.  
  DHB Industries, Inc. Restitution  
  Diebold Inc. Securities Litigation Website  
  Diebold, Inc. (Francisco v.)  
  Discover Financial Svcs (Mc-K Sales v.)  
  DOJ v BodyScan  
  Domingues v. MV Transportation Settlement  
  Domkus, et al. v. Crevier Motors, Inc., et al.  
  EF Johnson Technologies, Inc.  
  EnergySolutions, Inc.  
  Enstar Inc.-Seabright  
  Epicor Software Corporation  
  Epocrates, Inc.  
  Eric Barkwell et al v Sprint Communications  
  FCStone Group, Inc.  
  Financial Federal  
  First Solar Securities Litigation  
  Focus Media Holding Limited  
  Force Protection, Inc.  
  Franciscan Park Settlement  
  Fushi Copperweld, Inc  
  Gallucci v Boiron  
  Garvey v Federal Express  
  Glover, et al. v. Woodbolt Distribution, Ltd.  
  Google AdWords Customer Settlement Website  
  GTSI Corp.  
  Gymboree Corporation  
  Hager v. Check Into Cash  
  Hernandez v. Golden Gate Equity Holdings, LLC  
  Higgins v. Pinnacle Bank  
  Huntington Bancshares ERISA  
  Hurtado-Lopez v Armadillo Bay  
  Idearc, Inc. Securities Litigation  
  Ikanos Communications, Inc.  
  Infineon Technologies  
  International Game Technology  
  Internet Brands, Inc.  
  Isilon Systems  
  Jamdat Mobile Inc  
  Jefferson v. H&M Class Action  
  Johansson-Dohrmann v. CBR Systems, Inc.  
  JP Morgan  
  Kaiser ASD Litigation Website  
  Kasper et al. v. Pacific Bell Telephone Company  
  King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  
  L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc.  
  Ladd v. Extreme Recovery, LP  
  Lewis v. Lucy Activewear, Inc  
  LifeHouse Assisted Living Settlement  
  Lockheed Martin Corporation  
  Lu v. The Education Trust Board of New Mexico  
  Ma v. US Loan Auditors, LLC Settlement  
  Maitland v. Marriott International, Inc.  
  Martina v. LA Fitness  
  Massoyan v. HL Leasing, Inc.  
  Massoyan v. HL Leasing, Inc.  
  Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.  
  MBIA Inc.  
  MCAFEE, Inc.  
  McKesson Governmental Entities Average Wholesale..  
  McQuillan v. Check 'n Go  
  Memsic, Inc  
  Merck ERISA  
  Minatta Transportation Co. (Wade v.)  
  Mitchell v. LSI Title Agency, Inc  
  Motorola, Inc. 1  
  Motorola, Inc. 2  
  National Western Life Insurance  
  Neal v. Sara Lee Corporation et al.  
  Nighthawk Radiology Holdings Inc  
  Nomura Asset Acceptance Corporation  
  Northwest Pipe Company, et al.  
  Novatel Wireless Inc  
  Novellus Systems, Inc.  
  NY Dept of Financial Services v QBE Insurance Co  
  NY DFS v Balboa Ins Co/Meritplan Insurance Co.  
  O’Brien, et al. v. Brain Research Labs, LLC  
  Ohayon v. The Hertz Corporation  
  Optical Disk Drive Antitrust Litigation  
  optionsXpress Holdings, Inc.  
  Ord v. First National Bank of Pennsylvania  
  Outdoor Channel Shareholder Litigation  
  Pappas v. Naked Juice Co., Inc. Settlement  
  Pecover v Electronic Arts Inc  
  Pepper v. Midland Credit Management Settlement  
  Peterman v. North American and Midland National  
  PFF Bancorp, Inc. 2012  
  Pharmacia Corporation  
  Phillips 66 Settlement  
  Pre-Paid Legal Systems  
  Psychiatric Solutions Inc. 2011  
  Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. 2012  
  Qwest Communications 2  
  QWest Communications International  
  Qwest Communications Remission  
  Qwest Notice of Merger Settlement  
  Rasschaert v. Frontier Communications Corp  
  Real Networks Restitution  
  Renal Care Group, Inc.  
  RHI Entertainment, Inc.  
  Roberts v. Emery Bay North  
  Roe v. Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition  
  Rogge v. Safeway Incorporated  
  Rural Metro Corporation  
  Sabol v. Hydroxatone LLC  
  Sands v. Service Corporation International  
  Sanofi-Aventis Securities Litigation  
  Satcon Technology Corporation Securities  
  Satcon Technology Corporation Securities  
  SAVVIS, Inc.  
  SEC v 12 Daily Pro  
  SEC v Advanced Technologies Group  
  SEC v Charles Schwab  
  SEC v Stanford International Bank  
  SEC v. Gallucci Disgorgement Fund  
  Sequans Communications S.A. Securities Litigation  
  Shaub v 24 Hour Fitness  
  Shughrou v. Euromarkets Designs  
  Sino Clean Energy, Inc., Securities Litigation  
  Sinotech Energy Limited  
  Skowron Fair Fund  
  Skuro v. BMW of North America, LLC Settlement  
  Sky Bell Partnership Litigation  
  Slipchenko v. Brunel Energy, Inc. et al  
  Smith v Home Consignment Center  
  Somanetics Corporation  
  Sprint Messaging Settlement Website  
  SRAM Antitrust Litigation (Direct Purch)  
  SRAM Antitrust Litigation (Indirect)  
  SRS Labs, Inc.  
  St. Jude Medical, Inc.  
  State of California v Atlantic Richfield Company  
  Stetson, et al. v. West Publishing Corp., et al.  
  Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.  
  SuccessFactors, Inc.  
  Suffolk Bancorp  
  TechTeam Global, Inc.  
  TeleNav Inc  
  Textron ERISA  
  Thaxton v. OEA  
  Thekkek Heath Services Inc (Valentine v)  
  Thornburg Mortgage, Inc.  
  Titanium Dioxide Antitrust Litigation  
  Todd Shipyard  
  Tongxin International Ltd.  
  Touch America ERISA  
  Toyota Economic Loss Settlement  
  TradeStation Group Inc  
  Trevizo v. Sysco Central California, Inc.  
  Tronox, Inc. Securities  
  UniDyn Remission Fd(US v Gentry/Jenkins)  
  United States v. MoneyGram International Remission  
  USA v. David A. Smith Remission Fund  
  USA v. Nirenberg Remission Fund  
  Vaughn v. LA Fitness Settlement  
  Vedachalam v. Tata Consultancy  
  VeriFone Securities Settlement  
  Verizon ETF Settlement  
  Verizon Wireless Settlement  
  Villa v. Chula Vista Settlement  
  W Holding Company, Inc.  
  Walmart Stores Inc. (Gianzero v.)  
  Walsh v Kindred Healthcare  
  WCA Waste Corporation  
  Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (State of CA v.)  
  Wells Fargo ERISA  
  Westland Development (Lane v Page)  
  Winstar Communications, Inc.  
  WMS Industries, Inc.  
  Woelk v. Blue Cross of California  
  Wonder Auto Technology Inc. Securities Litigation  
  Worldwide Golf Enterprises (Flores v.)  
  Wyeth Securities Litigation  
  Young v Cannery Casino Resorts  
  Zoran Corporation Shareholder Litigation  

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