Welcome to the Xerox Securities Settlement Web Site

As of November 2, 2012, we commenced mailing the second re-distribution of the Net Settlement Fund from the settlement in the Xerox Securities Litigation. Residual payments have been made in accordance with an Order Re: Second Re-Distribution of Residual Class Settlement Funds dated September 27, 2012. Please note, in order to be eligible to receive a second re-distribution of unclaimed funds, claimants must meet the second re-distribution de minimis check amount of $10.

If you have received a check and are unable to negotiate due to beneficiary changes please e-mail your check reissue request to classact@gilardi.com and provide your Claim Number, Check Amount, Phone Number, and Current Mailing address. Please note, in order to change the named beneficiary on the check you must provide appropriate documentation, which when applicable, may include but is not limited to a death certificate, trust agreement, will, and or power of attorney.

For more information, call the Settlement Administrator toll - free at 877-282-1056 or via email at classact@gilardi.com.