​Gilardi has been trusted as the administrator in many of the largest and most complex settlements. Our expertise is brought to every client engagement in which we serve and is fortified by defined processes; hardened and tested over time; and technology that offers unmatched security and efficiency. ​

Some of our most prominent cases include:​

  • Enron remains the largest securities and most complex class action settlement in history. In its administrative role, Gilardi facilitated 12 initial notice mailings, processed more than 300,000 claims and completed a distribution within nine months of the claim filing deadline. In collaboration with counsel, we further researched and identified 66 known eligible securities and hundreds of “other security types” under the sophisticated Plan of Allocation. Eligible securities comprised of common stock, bonds, foreign debt, employee options, listed options and convertible preferred notes.

  • AOL involved numerous security types, including options and bonds, and a very complicated Plan of Allocation that utilized the Black-Scholes model for calculations related to options. As administrator, Gilardi provided notice to nearly five million people and processed more than 500,000 claims.

  • As the administrator of the Toyota settlement, Gilardi utilized electronic methods as the foundation for class notice and communication. Through this means, we were able to notify more than 25 million class members across the country and save the class millions of dollars. As a result of the administration, over 9.7 million distribution payments were issued to eligible class members in three primary tranches. The first and second distribution tranches were made to 500,000+ subject vehicles with valid claims on file. A third tranche was distributed to all subject vehicles for which data was provided to us. We have also provided escheatment services in all 50 states to ensure that those affected have a means to payment.

  • Gilardi facilitated the notice and claims process related to auto dealerships that sued more than 23 defendants in price-fixing litigation related to 25 different auto parts. This settlement required the analysis of millions of bits of data both initially and through the claims process. This analysis was the ultimate basis for claims compensation.

  • Through its partnership with the Department of Justice, Gilardi is the administrator in the ongoing fraud case brought by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission against Western Union. To date, there have been nearly 200,000 claims submitted.