At Gilardi we are solely dedicated to our service and seek always to ensure that the principles of due process and that the needs of our clients and claimants are served. We have administered thousands of matters, processed millions of claims and distributed billions of dollars. Our work has involved both simple matters and some of the largest and most complex settlements in history.
We have had only one goal in mind – to earn your trust and become your primary partner.

We offer a full suite of services. We also offer a better way.

As experts in all phases of legal administration, we pride ourselves on our unmatched transparency, accountability and expertise. We define solutions based on the specifics of your case and class, and reject the notion of a cookie-cutter offering. We are pioneers in technology and offer, where appropriate, an end-to-end electronic administration. Our services include:

Pre-settlement Consulting Legal Notification Data Management Distribution

The Gilardi Difference

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    We understand your case.

    Our team and management reflects an experienced, interdisciplinary team of professionals and our operational managers have an average tenure of more than a decade’s worth of claims administration specific experience. Our solution and our work are based on your needs.

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    We sweat the details.

    Our tested processes rely on precise planning, a goal-driven project plan and measurements, alongside transparent results. We do much of our best and most important work well before the claims process begins to ensure a successful and efficient administration.

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    We are ethical.

    Our market demands that we do not compromise our services or undermine the basic due process principles inherent in the legal system and the cases we administer. We are committed to transparency, accountability and communication.

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    We are leaders in technology.

    Our commitment to technology driven solutions and ongoing investments in technology ensures the security of your data and the cost efficiency and accuracy of our work. We treat your data, and the data of your class, as if it were our own.

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    We are here to serve.

    At the end of the day, we understand that each and every settlement is personal: personal to the lawyers who have litigated the case, personal to the claimants who participate in the claims process and personal to the court responsible for oversight of the administration. We are committed to ensuring that our service also remains a personal one.