Our ability to receive, protect and analyze data is central to our administrative function. Gilardi maintains a large and dedicated data team to ensure your data is handled securely and discreetly.

Gilardi’s technology and infrastructure backbone allows your data to be segregated and protected securely and efficiently. We use the data of each engagement solely for the purposes of an administration. We proactively drive solutions based on the legal action, class and data to make sure that each administration is efficiently and appropriately tailored from notice to distribution.

​We work to:
  • ensure your data is protected, secured and segregated;
  • produce control reports, robust audit trails and appropriate separation of duties and processes to ensure best practices;
  • analyze the data to identify the most efficient and effective ways for notice, process and distribution;
  • ensure undeliverable addresses are identified and corrected;
  • translate and transfer class member data;
  • update and manage class member records using proprietary address-locator services;
  • remove duplicate addresses to reduce postage costs;
  • import records into our case management system; and
  • develop and maintain case-specific websites.
​In addition to data security, quality control is ensured using a variety of methods:
  • barcoding claims with a unique identifier;
  • batching claims;
  • peer-to-peer signoff on data manipulation;
  • third-party auditing of allocation calculations; and
  • adhering to performance objectives.