​Gilardi offers ​​our clients the power of unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

As a result, our clients often consult with us to develop a comprehensive project plan that is milestone driven and outlines the path to a predictable and efficient settlement administration. The pre-settlement planning phase ensures that we partner with you from the outset to establish a foundation of success for your case and the class you represent. 


A consultation addresses all case elements including, but not limited to:
  • reviewing and recommending changes, if necessary, to the plan of allocation to confirm that it operates as you intend and best serves your class;
  • identifying notice and claim timelines, and issues that may be mitigated, related to those services in a particular engagement;
  • evaluating data, where available and appropriate, to determine the most efficient means for notice, process and distribution;
  • determining how to make the claims process clear and simple and evaluating the best methods to distribute money and providing reporting;
  • designing a multi-media strategy and notice plan with a claim form specific to that class; and
  • developing a content-rich, case-specific website with claimant needs appropriately addressed.