For more than thirty years, Gilardi has been among the nation’s leading experts in legal settlements and claims administration. In 2015, we were acquired by Computershare, a global leader in financial and governance services. Through this acquisition, we have bolstered our already unmatched knowledge and experience with unequaled scale, security and technology.

Gilardi Advantages

  • Experienced


    Our team, together for more than a decade, brings unrivaled knowledge and experience to our work and your case. We are here to serve.

  • Transparent


    We know that communication and transparency are the cornerstones of trust and a lasting relationship.

  • Accountable


    We believe in raising our hands. As the administrator in thousands of cases, we know that issues arise. We believe in addressing such issues immediately, directly and in partnership with those we serve.

  • Market Leading

    Market Leading

    We believe in forward thinking. We have pioneered the use of technology for solutions and security to ensure that we drive efficiency and best practices for each engagement based on the particular needs of that class.

  • Secure


    We treat your data as if it were our own. We understand privacy and security are core aspects of the service we provide and adhere to the highest levels of data protection.

Why Gilardi

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