​Gilardi approaches notice as a comprehensive communications program designed to ensure that due process and the needs of the class members are met throughout the life of the case.

We are committed to constant and transparent service and communication throughout our administrative work. The service offerings and technology solutions we present ensure that we are responsive and that our work is communicated continually and proactively. We work with you to create the best notice practicable that is reflective of the specifics of the case and the related class.

This means that we:
  • tailor a distinct case notice plan;
  • craft the text in plain language to provide class members a comprehensive notice summary; and
  • offer unrivaled expertise and technology to ensure the appropriate plan is provided.


Our judicially-recognized experts have:

30 plus years of industry experience
500 notice programs they have created and executed in the United States, Canada and Europe
50 languages in which they have provided notice to class members

We are uniquely familiar with, and guided by, Constitutional due process provisions, rules of states and local jurisdictions, and the relevant case law relating to legal notification. Our expertise transcends mediums and we have designed notice programs to include both the traditional (domestic and international newspapers and magazines) and the modern (internet-based banners, social media advertising, case specific websites, wire service, radio, television, and point of purchase advertising). We understand the importance of direct notice and we are experts in identifying and tailoring a case-specific plan for direct notice dissemination with options such as postal mail, email, text and online direct outreach. In all instances, we consider both the class and the utility and capacity of technology appropriate to that class.

 Our legal notification services include:

Pre-Settlement Sessions

In partnership with you and at all stages of litigation, we will determine the best means to notify the class and what methods may be particularly effective given the underlying cause of action.  This work may also include an analysis of data to determine how best to communicate and what may truly be possible at the notice phase.

Graphic Design Services

We provide you with graphic design expertise for advertisements and plain-language notices for website advertising, direct mail efforts and print publications that capture attention and are easily understood by class members.

Class Member Search

We’re able to help you recognize and find possible class members with our dependable research methods.

Notice Program Strategy and Execution

Our wide-ranging marketing and communications campaigns reach and advise potential class members using a balance of traditional media tactics and progressive forms of digital and social media outreach.

Case Sizing & Class Member Profiling

Our notice programs are rooted in due process and tied to the needs of each case and class. We have experts in web design, social media and traditional media to design and execute a plan professionally and efficiently.


We craft custom reporting to meet the unique requirements of counsel within each class action.

Claim Form Design

We create plain language and simple claim forms designed to ensure that class members understand their rights and make appropriate choices.

Custom Website Design

In all instances, we will develop a case-specific website to disseminate case information to class members.