‚ÄčThe protection of your data and private information is fundamental to the service we provide. We are committed to the highest standards of safety and security, and seek always to ensure the privacy and security of personal and case data.


This framework and our underlying controls are designed to ensure:
  • information and systems are available only to authorized employees;
  • segregated and protected encrypted data;
  • information and private data are not disclosed or modified without authorization;
  • modifications within our system of record are tracked, identified, and audited;
  • all applicable regulatory, technical, legislative, privacy and client specific requirements are met;
  • information security training is available and mandated to all employees;
  • breaches of security and suspected vulnerabilities are tested, reposted, investigated, documented and resolved;
  • routine disaster and business recovery testing to guarantee readiness;
  • separation of duties and responsibilities for all work flows; and
  • robust physical, electronic and building controls for all employees are bolstered by managerial expertise and case audit controls.

Forward Thinking and Efficient

We have consistently and continually broken new technology ground within our industry We were the first to offer:

  • online claims filing

  • phone filing

  • instructional videos on how to file a claim

  • and onsite instructive seminars to filers in a case.